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I have a true passion for cooking.

My culinary career was sparked in junior high school when I took a home economics class.  While there I also studied agriculture, learning how to grow hearty fruits and vegetables.

My grandmother played a huge part in unknowingly promoting my career because she taught me a great deal about southern-style home cooking.

I take great pride in my cooking. I strive to make everything that I cook to be pleasing to not just the palate, but visually as well.

I am a graduate of the Los Angeles Trade Tech Culinary Arts program, graduating with honors. I was fortunate to have  built a good rapport with the staff in my department, and have recommendations from the top five chefs at Trade Tech.

My previous job experience includes Hollywood Sports Park, Universal Studios, King Drew Medical Hospital, Salvation Army, Peoples Assisting the Homeless (PATH), Proud Bird Restaurant and Bludsoe’s BBQ.



I was born to James Ray Miller Sr. and Ceola Wallace Miller on September 22, 1971. My father was a chef, and worked at a local restaurant.  I used to hear stories of his generosity and caring nature. He would bring cakes, pies and cookies home to give to those in the community. My mother was a cook.  She could make hot water taste good!

When my father passed on, I was still quite young.  As I got older I found myself happily helping my mother in the kitchen cooking.  Later, I had many jobs, but none satisfied me like that of being in a kitchen cooking, so I went on to enroll at Trade Tech College to further my culinary skills.

I enjoyed the my years at Trade Tech, and proudly graduated in 2009. I went straight to work at The Henderson House, making a variety of different cuisines. When they went out of business, I worked at a vegan restaurant and learned all about organic dishes that incorporated fruits, vegetables, tofu, soy meat and agave.

I have also cooked for Bludsoe’s BBQ, and the Salvation Army, where I am currently the Executive Chef.